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If your desire is to be healed then it can happen. Working together with God and Spirit and your willingness to surrender to the love that you are I can help you to heal.

In the Bible in the Book of John in various verses it states that “God is love”, “God is light”, “God is spirit.” Love is the ultimate healer and heals all things and that’s what I work with here, God, love, light, spirit, bottom line…it’s all God.

Many years of experience working with many different modalities of spiritual healing, Reiki being one of them, has brought me to the healing that I am doing today. I go into a trance state and allow the love of God to flow through me to you and through you. Healing then occurs to the degree that you are open to it, that you are willing to surrender to it, and the strength of your commitment to being healed.

While in this trance state I do a lot of toning. Toning is an ancient and very beautiful way to bring balance into your life and in so doing begin the process of healing. It is the most powerful form of healing that I have worked with so far. I will guide you in this process of healing by helping you to relax, to release and to surrender to it thereby opening yourself up to whatever experience God has in store for you.

If you would like to learn more about the incredible power of toning please visit The Limitless Power of Toning here on Healing Through Wonder.

I hope you will visit other pages of my website for words of love and inspiration. My hope is that you will find something that will touch your heart, lift your spirits, and make your day just a little bit lighter.

Remember, God loves us all and that includes you.

God Bless You…